Spanish Classical Guitars, Spanish Guitars and Classical Guitars at Great Prices  
Spanish Classical Guitars, Spanish Guitars and Classical Guitars at Great Prices

Good news!
Spanish CLASSICAL Guitars at great Prices!

You don't have to spend a lot of money for Spanish made classical guitars — good sounding, easy to play, Spanish classical guitars that are well made, professionally set up, come with a 7 day trial period, and a lifetime warranty.

Pavan classical guitar photo I'm Tom Prisloe. I've been a classical guitar builder and player for over three decades. Please see my web site for information on my hand made concert classical guitars.

Why I started Pavan Classical Guitars
Over the years I have been contacted by people seeking honest, knowledgeable advice on how and where to buy classical guitars that sound good, play well, and are not too expensive. Not everyone is in the market for a $4000.00 and up hand built concert instrument. To answer many of their questions I wrote an article on how to select a good sounding classical guitar. The response to the article was excellent, so I decided to offer a line of moderately priced Spanish guitars in addition to the concert classical guitars I build myself. Pavan Guitars came to be.

Why these Spanish guitars are such a great deal
Pavan guitars are built to my specifications by a high quality guitar manufacturer in Spain. The Pavan label is my own. Pavan guitars are built for and sold exclusively by me. These Spanish guitars are a tremendous value for your money. I honestly believe Pavan guitars are the best classical guitars available in this price range and the fact is other labels are selling similar guitars for twice the price and more. I can offer these instruments for such a great price because I sell directly to my customers. I do not wholesale classical guitars to retail stores that double the price to the public.

In addition, I spend a considerable amount of time adjusting each guitar myself so that the playing action is excellent. When you receive a guitar you are given a seven day trial period. If the guitar is not what you want you can return it in new condition for a full refund minus shipping cost. Each Pavan guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Selected and adjusted by an experienced guitar maker
Because of my years of experience as a classical guitar maker and player, I know what it takes to design and build good classical guitars. I can choose a great sounding, well made guitar for you. I adjust each guitar so the playing action is excellent, and I can offer these Spanish guitars to you at an affordable price because I sell directly to my customers.

Please contact me
Please feel free to give me a call with any questions abut these Spanish classical guitars or to order a guitar. Please call me at 607-387-3875. I'd be glad to speak with you. Or e-mail me at



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