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I offer the Pavan TP-30-64 to players wanting a shorter string scale classical guitar. Many players have small hands and playing on a guitar that has a 650mm or longer scale and a 52mm wide nut is difficult. Some players prefer a shorter string length just because the guitars are easier to play.

Pavan TP-30-64 Spanish classical guitar   Pavan TP-30-64 Spanish Classical Guitar back   Pavan TP-30-64 Spanish Classical Guitar rosette  
  Pavan TP-30-64 Spanish Classical Guitars headstock
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The TP-30-64 model is available with a solid cedar or spruce top. I supply the spruce to Spain from my own personal inventory of wood. The TP-30-64 has solid East Indian rosewood sides and back, ebony fretboard, reinforced neck, bone nut and saddle. The string scale is 640mm and the fret board width is 50mm at the nut. The body of the guitar is smaller than the standard TP-30 model. The body of the Pavan TP-30-64 is similar in size to the Hauser and Torres concert size classical guitars.

These are very good sounding instruments. Players often ask if they sound as good as the TP-30 model. The answer is simple — if the guitar is easier for you to play, you are going to sound better and your classical guitar playing will be an enjoyable experience.

If you are considering a shorter scale guitar please feel to give me a call toll free at 1-866-827-7342 or 607-387-6177 with any questions or to order a guitar. Or e-mail me at

PRICE: $1695.00 for cedar or spruce
(case is not included)

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