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If you're interested in used classical guitars, classical guitar sales and special deals at discounted prices please give me a call to see what's available.

Special discount classical guitars
Periodically I receive guitars directly from Spain that have minor flaws. I discount these instruments and pass the savings on to my customers. The guitars are in excellent playing condition. These special deal Pavan Spanish guitars are offered with a seven day trial period and limited lifetime warranty.

Used classical guitars
Sometimes I have used classical guitars because I offer a full value trade in policy to customers who have bought a Pavan guitar and later trade up to one of my own handmade Prisloe Guitars (custom classical guitars which I build myself). These used classical guitars are in very good to excellent condition. They come with a seven day trial period and a limited lifetime warranty.

Classical guitar sales
I will be having classical guitar sales from time to time available only to Classical Express Newsletter subscribers. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you wish to be notified.

You are welcome to give me a call toll free at 1-866-827-7342 or 607-387-3875 to find out what's currently available. Or e-mail me at

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